Today I’ll talk a nylon. I do not boast you his fabulous strength, or its invisibility in water. I do not speak either of its resistance to the nodes.

Not what brings me to you this thread is its packaging.

This yarn okuma chikara , is included in a packaging that allows childishly load it on your reel.

Besides, below you will find a picture of a child in the process of fulfilling its lightweight reel for trout fishing. minutes were enough for winding it correctly across the coil on the reel. the wire is not twisted, not shouting or crying when performing this step.

It’s very fun!

How does it work?

Simply drag the reel on the rod, to the wire from the opening provided for this purpose out of the pass (or not) in your first ring and reel slowly. The yarn brake and the spool is unwound at a rate to make perfect windings. In the photo below you i have the live demo, childish I tell you!

embobinage facile

Nylon okuma chikara spin is available on pêcheur.com less than £6.5  the 150 m.


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